Monday, June 25, 2012

ten things I learned this weekend…



1. Taking a risk was good- Thanks to all of you who emailed me or left such kind comments about my recent post: the decision that changed my life. Blogging has been such an interesting experience. I’m just now beginning to tread into personal waters a bit… And writing this post felt like a risk, but it turned out well.

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2. Peonies are my favorite flower. Apologies to my old love, Mr. Hydrangeas, but peonies are my one true flower crush. I love everything about these fluffy, big blossoms, except for the maddening fact that I can’t grow them in my own garden. Which I suppose, makes them even more alluring. I scooped these up on my Saturday morning grocery trip and put them in a simple vase on my coffee table. I love these colors!


3.Adverbs are not your friend.” Did you know that Stephen King wrote a memoir about his life and his writing career?  It’s a little gem filled with practical writing advice for the neophyte author and he’s blunt, funny and absolutely serious about grammar. Here’s a few of his morsels: To be good writer you must read a lot and write a lot. King calls himself a slow reader and reads seventy to eighty books a year. Everyday he writes ten pages, which is approximately 2,000 words. Regarding grammar, he warns, “the road to hell is paved with adverbs.” For example, if you have to write, He closed the door firmly, You’re not doing your job. The reader should already know how the door would be closed based on the rich, descriptive set-up you (the author) already provided.


4.  Sylvia Plath tried like hell to cope. This weekend, I finished reading Sylvia Plath’s letters that were written between 1950-1963, and I was quite taken aback. It’s one thing to read impersonal literary facts, it’s quite another to read Plath’s own words. These letters catapulted me back in time to the final, freezing winter in London, when she was struggling like hell to stay hopeful, keep writing and to take care of her children. Yes, I already knew Plath was a voracious, gifted writer, but I didn’t realize she was awake at 4 am daily, to write before the babies awoke. 

If you’re looking for your next book club read, you must chose The Bell Jar, Plath’s semi-autobiographical novel of her descent into mental illness; she had so many hopes attached to this book.


5. I learned that Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, from Bloomsbury Life, has an article coming out in Martha Stewart's Magazine, July edition. Hmm. Looks like an enticing topic don’t you think?


6. I realized that Stella needs to learn to swim. This weekend we took down the makeshift fence around our pool that’s been in place while Stella’s been a puppy. But now it’s time. Our adorable, mischievous Stella needs to learn how to get in and out of our pool by herself.

 7. I finally used Picfx, a photo editing app on my IPhone and realized what I’ve been missing…


8. I heard that Keira Knightley has finished her movie about Anna Karenina, due out November 9th. I loved her in Pride and Prejudice, and  and I can’t wait to see it! Click HERE to see her discuss her role.

sally wheat cross_jpgmysweetsavannah

9. I learned that you can make this beautiful cross using leaves or coffee filters. Go to My Sweet Savannah to learn how.


10. I tried out this recipe on my new panini maker. A very yummy Proscuitto, Mozzerella, Tomato, and Basil panini sandwich. Perfect for the warm weather.


Enjoy your Monday,


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Happy Mommy said...

I love your posts.
Thank you for sharing 'what you're learned' :)

Kristen @ The Chronicles of Dutch said...

I am in LOVE with peonies but hydrangeas are also a fav!

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