Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tickled pink. My best Craigslist find ever and my new living room tour.

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I invited you into my home and shared some pictures, but today is a special day. Yep, I'm beaming through my computer screen in case you can't tell because you'll never believe it.

But I hit the jackpot on Craigslist.

And the first thing I wanted to do was write this post to encourage anyone else out there who might be currently and faithfully checking Craigslist for that ONE piece of high-end furniture that you really-really want. 
You know, one of those great finds that you know is so improbable that you give up checking for months because the chances are so low that you'll find the right thing in the right size and in the right color. 

 Don't give up, it can happen.

In my case I was looking for a neutral colored Lee Industries sectional that would fit in our living room.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I had finally agreed with the men in my life that when it comes to sheer comfort and space, we are truly a sectional family.
(Honestly? They hated the RH down couch I got at their outlet store)
The problem was that I didn't want to pay the price tag for the brands I wanted.

So I started looking on Craigslist several months ago for fun, typing in words like Lee Industries, Barclay Butera, William Sonoma, Mitchell Gold, etc..  

Eventually, I stopped after seeing gazillions of sectionals that would never work.

Until last Friday.

When I absently typed in "Lee Industries" into my phone and a very blurry picture of a sectional covered in clear wrapping popped up. For a ridiculously low price.

Turns out a young nanny was selling some furniture for her boss and when I met her at the storage unit and she opened it, I was stunned to see high-quality furnishings stacked to the ceiling. 
I bought my Lee Industries Sectional without even taking all the wrapping off, I was so incredulous that the measurements were perfect. 
Apparently this sectional had been in an extra house purchased solely for the English mother-in-law whenever she came to visit the States.

Mostly it sat unused in a beautiful Newport Beach home.

I really love the coziness of a sectional.

Even though I think of our home as a beach cottage, I've discovered that I gravitate more toward warm neutrals rather than blues.
These pin stripes are a more practical choice for our family  than white. We do have a white couch in the other room and while I love the look, I'll need to eventually get slipcovers made for it, it's just too hard to keep it clean.

There it is, the coveted sectional 'corner' loved by all.

The old gallery wall is gone for now, part of my need for uncluttering. But I've got a new DIY project to show you soon. Another place for my old oil paintings.

I decided to keep the chairs in white canvas slipcovers, and I have the fabric to re-cover these whenever I get the motivation to unroll all that fabric and pre-wash it.

What's your opinion?
Are you a sectional person or couch person?


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  1. Leslie, this is fabulous! How wonderful to find your dream piece. I love this sectional and think it looks wonderful in your beautiful cottage! Congratulations on your perseverance. I cannot wait to see what other projects you have been up too!

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. How perfect is that?!! Wow - you really lucked out with that one! We love having a sectional in our family room. When it was time to get rid of our old one, I thought about going the sofa route but a sectional just works better for our family. Yours really is perfect for the space. Enjoy your week!

  3. This is an incredible find, Leslie! Applause! It looks fantastic in your newly pared down living room. I never would have thought to refer to Craig's List. You knew exactly what to search. I'm in awe!

    If I had a larger home I would do a sectional. At the lake, we could have gone that route, but I really wanted space for a table between the pieces to set down drinks and hold a lamp for reading. My son has a lot of large spaces, and the sectionals work well. They are comfy and cozy, especially if you want to curl up for a nap.

    I'm so happy for you!


  4. How wonderful! It was meant to come to you! I am looking at sectionals for the lakehouse...

  5. There is so much I love about this post I hardly know where to begin! Your persistence with CraigsList is admirable. I once scored hundreds of antique and vintage Christmas ornaments — but never anything I really “need”. I’ll have to be more persistent. I also appreciate you candidly stating that all-white is hard to keep clean. I love the look, but seriously... there’s no way I could have all-white (or cream or ivory!) in our house — and it’s just the two of us. (I’ll let you guess which one of us is the biggest challenge. lol) The color of your sofa is close to what I’ve been considering for our Finally (please, soon!) Farmhouse. It’s neutral, but dark enough to be forgiving, and it contrasts so nicely with the white plank walls.

    As for your sectional vs. sofa question... I’ve never been a sectional person, but recently I’ve tossed around the idea. I’d actually be willing to consider it, I think, but my Renaissance Man has his heart set on a recliner — and the sectionals with built-in recliners don’t appeal to either of us. My top priority is to find the perfect, comfy, meets-all-of-his-wishes recliner . . . and then work out the rest of the room’s furniture. (And my “must” is that the recliner doesn’t take up the entire room or be a focal point!)

    Now, I’m headed to CraigsList to save some new searches. Thanks for the encouragement to try again! Your “new” room looks so comfy.

  6. What is it with men and their recliners? Ugh..well I too have thought about a sectional, but our family room is too small. So, I figured if "his" chair and "my" chair don't match, so what? Kind of work around them. I use throws to try and tie them together.
    And Leslie, your post hit home for me, as I am one of those who gets an idea, and won't let it go until it happens. Yes, I scour Craiglist, Viyet, etc. looking for my perfect item. Yes, you must have patience, but it will pay off. You just have to keep looking. For example, it took me about one year to finally get the china hutch I wanted and could afford. And it took me 30 years (I am not joking) to find the armoire I wanted as a young bride. As they say, the "hunt" is half the fun!

  7. That was a great find and it looks amazing. What fun!
    The room looks wonderful, good job.

  8. Cheryl I totally agree. I think it's all about the hunt, and that amazing feeling when you finally find something you've been looking for --in your case for years! I love your story, thanks for sharing it. You would be so fun to go' treasure' hunting with :)


  9. Susan,
    I'm praying your Farmhouse becomes a reality soon, I know it will.
    I do understand why men like recliners, my Dad still has one--it's leather and my Mom never thought to say no to that. I think a home should be comfortable above all else--and if that means making a 'non-designer' choice so be it. On the question of white furnishings, I've learned they only work for us with slipcovers which I can wash. Have you tried slipcovers?


  10. Thanks Jane, this really was a much needed boost for me after some stressful times lately.
    BTW-- I really like what you've done to your lakehouse, it's absolutely beautiful and so cozy. And that view is gorgeous I can see why you love spending time there, looks like the perfect getaway for me and my books. :)
    And you're right, a sectional has to really fit inside the room--for it to be a viable solution-- not for every room that's for sure.


  11. In the right space sectionals are the perfect solution for seating. I have never had one only because I never a space that would work. So now I have two sofas and two armless chairs that I place around a extra large coffee table. Both my daughter have sectionals with a lounge that is so comfy! Love watching you turn you beach cottage into a home!

  12. Hi Leslie, yes, I would love to go "treasure" hunting with sometime!You know, I think we are kindred spirits! (One day I hope to share that cup of coffee with you)…Have a wonderful relaxing weekend on your new couch, that is, if your family doesn't get to it first!

  13. Love it and I totally get why "they" love it too. We had a sectional in our basement (which I rarely spend time in ;) but I ended up breaking it up and moving it to my office so on the search for a new sectional. I am a kijiji fanatic, we don't really have Craigslist where I live so kijiji is our go-to site and it is fabulous for good deals. Anyway, I really wanted to comment on your need to de-clutter. I just love the sense of serenity from you present wall and of course the balance of the bookshelves with well-edited pieces. It is such an inviting space!! I am trying to edit right now as well....clutter is driving me crazy.

  14. What a great find Leslie! I love the pinstripes. We have a sofa, but I personally love a sectional. Just not sure it would fit our space right now. And, I love any room with books in it.

  15. Woohoo! It's awesome and encouraging to know there is always the chance of a craigslist miracle. And it looks beautiful in your living room which has such an awesome Cali cottage vibe that feels natural and evolved. We have a modern leather sectional in the family room downstairs, and the guys enjoy it, but I'd like it better if was linen. My dream sectional would be one designed by Rachel Ashwell! xox

  16. If we had the space I would definitely have a sectional.

    You really scored on that one.

  17. Leslie, you seriously scored!! Your new sectional looks just perfect in your house. The rooms are so light and bright. Love it!

    I wish we had a sectional in our new would fit so perfectly. Our current couch is only two years old though.

  18. I just stumbled across your blog, first time here....Love a great score! looks awesome, and I like the white canvas chairs with them too.

    A few years back we found a rachel asbury Shabby Chic White Denim covered sofa in perfect condition from a couple guys leaving Chicago to head to LA! its our fav sofa in the house, the one that you take naps would think with dog, kids etc it wouldn't be white but its the easiest to clean, toss the slip cover in the washer - its aways brand spanking new.