Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sweet ‘Cupid’ Things for your party…


Some things are just too cute not to share.

And even though I realize that tiny Cupid arrows will not be on anyone’s Google searches soon, I have to show you what I made for my Valentine dinner party. Because I know if you clicked on this title, YOU will be the kind of strange and creative soul that will think it’s adorable.

If you remember, the dinner guests will be all gals so I’m paying attention to the details. And of course, I needed to come up with some Cupid touches for my Valentine party treats right? 

I wanted something Fast+Easy+Cheap.

So I used small skewers and hearts to make …drumroll please……


The sweetest Cupid Arrows you’ve ever seen!

(Psss…pretend this is a totally new idea. And if you’ve already done this, please don’t tell me, let me bask in the illusion that I’m a cool and original person).

Alright, here’s how easy it was…

Items Needed for Cupid’s Arrow


You only need two items, I used glitter heart stickers from Michael’s Crafts Store and small sized skewers found at any grocery store.

First thing-to-do is clip off the tips of the skewers, just for safety ( it’s a Mom thing)…

1. For the tip of the arrow I used a red heart.



2. For “feathers” I used a bigger heart (actually you’re using two hearts that stick together).



And that’s it.

I put some pink taffy and candy hearts in cupcake liners and placed them inside a cellophane bag.

Next, I added the bow and arrows. I apologize if this part seems like a no-brainer, but personally I like to see DIY photos, just for ideas.





After you secure the arrow you can tie a bow and then cut the extra twine.

I also needed to cut the tops of the bags because they were too tall.


My Cupid Inspired Party Treat. 

Well, I hope you liked learning about my tiny Cupid arrows that made me so happy. I’ve got some additional little things I’ve made, simple decorations I’ll be sharing shortly.


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In the meantime,  I sure hope you enjoy your weekend. And try to find something small and obscure to smile about.

I’d love to hear about it.




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  1. They are adorable and so easy oh and definitely original!

  2. I love it! Such a cute idea and doesn't require big bucks. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Your project is adorable and I was actually trying to figure out how to make drink stirrers last night! Yay, thanks so much for teaching me!

  4. Lovely details and what a loving heart you have. Being currently beau-less I confess I will be boot shopping London, or lugging porcelain back home! Xcat