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Loyola Guild invites you to Tables of Love- 2012


Last Saturday afternoon, I attended a lovely luncheon sponsored by the Loyola Guild of Jesuit High School in Carmichael, California. In case you don’t know, the Loyola Guild is a volunteer organization comprised solely of mothers who raise money to help fund scholarships for Jesuit High School.


This event is known as Tables of Love, and it’s traditionally a chance to spend time with those special females in our life that we value; mothers bring daughters and daughters bring mothers along with their sisters, and good friends chat together while they dine on their delicious lunch at the Del Paso Country Club. 

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This year’s hosts were my dear friends and Alumni Representatives, Tracey Lundholm and Peggy Savant…


and they created a wonderfully warm and feminine atmosphere with their heart-shaped topiaries and the golden angels that reinforced this year’s theme,Treasuring Women, Angels in our Lives.”


The afternoon included small touches that made the guests feel special. Here, Peggy makes sure that the violinist is ready to serenade the guests.

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In the large, wood-paneled entry, guests were immediately welcomed by the friendly faces of Mary Dickson and Patrice LaBine who were in charge of greeting guests and directing them to their tables.


On everyone’s seat, was a Cabi booklet filled with information about the clothing that would be modeled during our lunch. Cabi sales consultant Laurie Laux, was present to answer any questions.


Besides the fashion show, shoppers were also treated to lovely items from Mona Mia Gifts and Gem Star Jewelry that were beautifully displayed on tables.


But the highlight of the event was the guest speaker, Michele Steeb, the CEO of St.John’s Shelter, who began to speak as we finished our lunch.


Not only did Michele share touching stories from her work at the homeless shelter for women and children, but she brought along two women Rebecca and Marva, who were graduates of her innovative program. As guests listened to their heart-wrenching struggles, I couldn’t help but notice the expressions of awe and sadness on so many faces. It became obvious, that despite the vast differences in background and experiences that might have been at this large gathering, there were powerful emotions that connected us.


Heartache, worry for our children, bad decisions, poverty, drug addiction. As women and mothers, there were pieces of these life experiences that we could all relate to, but one of the most moving aspects of Rebecca and Marva’s stories had to do with the healing message that changed their lives. It was the consistent, compassionate idea that they received from St. John’s Shelter that kept them moving forward despite the enormous odds. The message?

You are so much more than your past.

When these women were at their lowest point, it ended up being the non-judgmental support from women helping other women, that made them believe in themselves. You deserve better. You are so much more than your past.

It was that simple.


Funny how such a warm, chatty luncheon could leave you with such a meaningful lesson. But in the midst of all the light banter, we were reminded that we all have the power to be such wonderful mirrors for each other, and to reflect back to our friends their value and their special qualities, especially in their moments of darkness.

We were also reminded of the blindness of judgment. Because the truth is, when we’re busy judging others, we are blinded from seeing all those common aches and pains and human flaws that unite us…

…and make us into more compassionate and loving friends.

Don’t you agree?


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