Friday, October 28, 2011

Scenes from my Spooky Old Home…

DSC_0365 copy

It’s been pretty hectic around this old haunted place. But of course, since we’re preparing for our Halloween guests. All of those creepy souls that will soon be wandering through our cobwebs and sipping potions from my black cauldron…

Here are some photos that I managed to snap for you. We are almost ready…..


Here’s the entry chandelier with a dangling monster hand to welcome our guests.

DSC_0415 copy

This is a glimpse of the mantel in that pesky daylight.


DSC_0371 copy

Do you recognize this wreath from my Fall decorating days?

DSC_0395 copy

Our hairy neighbor waits patiently for the party to begin…

DSC_0429 copy

Can you see the jeweled spider on the candelabra?

DSC_0394 copy

Do you see the ghost face in the middle of the dark staircase?  Hmm..very scary…

Check back for more scenes from my Haunted House….along with those gruesome details from our Spooktacular Party!  I can’t wait.


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