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Bare legs during winter: What’s your opinion?


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This morning I happened to see this short article entitled, Style Pet Peeve: Bare Legs in Winter in which the author states, “seeing women shiver and suffer for fashion strikes me as anything but stylish.”

I wanted to share this with you because I’m curious about your opinion.

Here are a few of the photos showing celebrities in bare legs during the icy weather of Manhattan and London. How cold is the weather? Check out what the other folks are wearing.


Neither pouring rain …


nor icy winds…


nor the need for a heavy fur coat with my open toed shoes...

slide_211178_732821_hugephotos: Stylelist

nor snowy Manhattan weather…


shall make me wear nylons ….

Yes, I know. Wearing pantyhose is so dated. According to style watchers everywhere, nothing screams out “old lady” louder than a pair of nude nylons. But I was wondering,

how do feel when your legs are bare? Do you feel confident?

Apparently, the debate about pantyhose continues to stay alive because there are still high profile women who regularly wear them. Great Britain’s new princess Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton seem to generate a lot of buzz because they wear nylons to both, casual and formal affairs.


For most women that I know, black tights worn with boots are common.


But I hear lingering questions about black nylons. When do you wear them? Are they acceptable at night?

6AE33DC754488C8A0C99EF27125B7_h400_w275_cmoeQDrQWvia googleimage

Here in the United States, it seems like nude colored nylons are still a fashion no-no.

It’s hard to find advocates for pantyhose. For example, Michelle Obama has talked openly about her dislike of nylons in an interview with The View, ““I stopped wearing pantyhose a long time ago because it was painful. Put ‘em on, rip ‘em—it’s inconvenient,” (

And in Hollywood, where the weather is mild and everyone has tanned (often fake tanned) legs, nylons are never seen.

082710-Jennifer-Aniston-400via googleimage

four ways to make your flesh colored nylons more fashionable

According to this article, Where Do You Stand on Pantyhose? if you do decide to wear nude nylons you should:

1. wear the super sheer type with NO sheen, and don’t forget to take advantage of the number #1 benefit of wearing nylons: the control top!

2. NEVER wear nylons with open toed shoes or sandals. (it’s considered totally nerdy)

2885187231228224_R0CE4hG6_cvia dustjacketattic

3. wear flesh colored fishnets for a sexier option

4. choose a shade lighter than your skin tone so that it will look like a fashion choice, and wear with them with a monochromatic outfit to look truly chic.

Well? What is your opinion? Do you wear nylons….ever?

Should age matter?


Tell me what you think.

Email me at or leave a comment below.

Happy Friday!



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Kim Porter said...

It's funny to come across your blog this morning on my Facebook newsfeed and then see this post. I was just thinking about this earlier this morning! I have a holiday party to attend next week and I am debating between bare legs or sheer black hose, I would never wear nude hose. I think that comes from my childhood and seeing my mom wear the too dark hose, it looked unnatural. Still not sure what I will end up doing, but I liked your post!

Anonymous said...

I am in no way a fan of pantyhose. I do own black tights to wear to work but I am truly a bare legged lady. I'm Black so finding a flesh colored hose is more work so I stick to black tights if I must cover my legs.

Jennifer Connolly said...

When I wear a skirt, which isn't frequently, I like sheer black control top pantyhose. Let me rephrase that, I wear them but they're not necessarily comfortable. I'd wear nude with a light colored shoe and skirt. My bare legs are pasty and pale so left unadorned they are not so hot. I love black fishnets and I also love sheer black with a visible seam up the back. For me, that makes them an intentional fashion statement.

P. said...

I always wear pantyhose and I never think of that as a fashion thing, for me it's just normal - but I'm not a fashion person, I only follow the one inside my head, made by me.

Lustman said...

I'm from the UK. My wife is an avid wearer of rht and fully fashioned nylon stockings, also one size stockings and pantyhose.

She wears them all year around. Winter time she may layer them, tights/pantyhose over stockings and suspenders or vice versa, she has been know on particularly cold days to add over knee hold-up stockings onto her stockings and tights as well.

She mainly wears sheer Cervin Capri 15s RHT's in various colours particularly black, pink and red dependent on her outfit.

She wears vintage 20 denier Aristoc Harmony fully fashioned point heeled seamed stockings in black and various flesh tones. Also from Eleganti, Denlon, Chantal fully fashioned stockings

On your bare leg in winter debate there is a local expression which describes thresemble, blotchy and unattractive.

She is a dancer and has fabulous legs, she's been wearing stockings and suspender/garter belts for over 35 years.

Hope that helps the argument

Personally as a guy I love to see great legs well dressed, there are some amazingly attractive hosiery designs around currently.

I don't like bare legs except at the beach, also jeans just don't do it for me at all. I love feminine women particularly retro 40's 50's and 60's 80's stylings or even modern twists.

All the best to you and yours


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